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Carmo operates primarily in the forestry sector, complementing the production of steel equipment.
It especially develops solutions based on wood treated industrially by vacuum and pressure, already being considered as the largest European company in outdoor and indoor solutions in treated wood products, in number and volume.
Our industrial activity began with the production of wood treated in autoclave for agriculture and poles for overhead lines. It has been extended to products such as playgrounds, rustic and street furniture, and even decks.
Later on, the engineering-based wooden structures were used for housing, offices, large roofing structures, bridges, and other solutions.
It has recently developed modern lines for Street and Garden Furniture and different landscaping equipment.



Carmo currently has 4 production units in Portugal, two in Oliveira de Frades, one in Almeirim, and another in Pegões. We are present in Spain and France with group subsidiaries and we have the capacity to distribute to almost anywhere in the world.