Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor Equipment

Solutions for enjoying outdoor spaces

At Carmo Wood, we can offer a vast range of equipment made with treated wood for your outdoor spaces. Whether for private spaces or large outdoor areas, find the solution that best meets your need with guaranteed strength and durability.

Including bridges, walkways and a variety of shading and pergola options, there are various standard models you can choose for your space. Complete them with outdoor lighting solutions – our wooden lighting fixtures, thatched sunshades or signage. And why not go for a storage shed or an urban garden?

Bring new functionality to larger areas, with kiosks, viewing platforms and hides. For sports, we provide fitness circuits and solutions for storing surf equipment. Animals also have their own range of products, with wooden kennels and equipment for dog parks.

We can provide everything you need for your project!

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Outdoor Equipment

Range of Carmo Wood Products for Outdoors

The quality of Carmo Wood products is internationally recognised. Our wood is used all over the world, for projects of all sizes and purposes, for public entities, large or small companies, and final customers.

We work to provide strong and durable wood, with sustainable solutions that fit into nature.

You can depend on the rigour of Carmo Wood for your urban project!

  • Experts in treated wood for over 40 years

  • 20-year guarantee against premature wood rotting

  • Equipment specially designed with urban space in mind



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