Wood for Construction

Wood for Construction

Solutions in treated and untreated wood

Carmo Wood construction timber provides the ideal solution for your projects. We have a range of wood poles or sawn wood, glue-laminated wood, flooring, cladding, and treated beams in various sizes, ideal for large wooden structures. 

We also offer treated wood solutions for building wood decks, in which we can just supply you with the treated wood or undertake your entire project from start to finish. Contact us to supply the material or request support from our technical department in designing your solution or to assist your designers in the development, calculation and dimensioning of your projects. You can also count on us to supervise and assemble the construction. 

The wood available from Carmo Woods is treated and has a 20-year guarantee against rotting.

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Wood for Construction

Solutions in treated and untreated wood

The quality of Carmo Wood products is internationally recognised. Our wood for construction is used all over the world, in projects of all sizes and purposes, for public entities, large or small companies and final customers.

We work to provide strong and durable wood, with sustainable solutions that fit into nature.

  • Trust in Carmo Wood’s rigour for your project!

  • Experts in treated wood for over 40 years

  • 20-year guarantee against premature wood rotting

  • Rigorously Controlled Treatment.



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