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Why work at Carmo Wood?

The Carmo Wood Group provides outstanding products and services in the forestry sector. We focus on the value we provide to our customers, on the sustainability of our practices and on promoting respect for the individual, dignity and appropriate working conditions.

We aim to be a business of reference in the global forestry market, and have adopted a governance and business model geared towards innovation in products and services, efficiency in processes and practice, the sustainability of the planet, and the satisfaction, dignity and respect of all parties involved. The solutions we develop are based on industrially treated wood, for which we are currently the largest European company in interior and exterior solutions.




Message from the HR Manager

The main concern at Carmo Wood is the well-being and appreciation of its collaborators.

At Carmo Wood, people have always been at its core. Team spirit, appreciation and continuous training are part of our DNA. Our objective is to motivate, stimulate and develop people's skills through challenging roles and effective learning and training, in line with the Carmo Wood Group's strategy, spirit of cooperation, commitment, inclusion and common objectives, as well as contributing to the personal, professional and social fulfilment of each person, based on merit, fairness, transparency and social responsibility.
With this in mind, we have a well-defined plan for practices of personal improvement, business sustainability, and the importance of reducing the ecological footprint.



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What do Carmo Wood’s employees say?

I was very excited and expectant when I first came to work for Carmo Wood, in January 2020, just after my birthday. ""I couldn't have got a better present"". During my Masters in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at FCT UNL (NOVA School of Science and Technology in Lisbon), I developed a keen interest in process engineering and industrial management. Over several internships I got to learn about various production processes but, of these, the one that really caught my interest was undoubtedly the Carmo Wood Production process, which stood out for its dynamism and sustainable management of resources. I am very grateful for and eager to seize this opportunity. I hope to accompany the growth of this company that I have committed to, and I try to excel myself every day. ""This isn't just my job, I live Carmo"".

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Miguel Palminha

Head of Production Almeirim


I am experienced in administration, sales and marketing, and have had the privilege of working in a range of areas such as the food, insurance, publishing and automotive sectors. When I came to Carmo Wood I was looking for a company that was a reference in its area of business, where I would enjoy growing, acquiring new skills and giving my best. From day one, everyone was very welcoming, and I would like to express my gratitude for that.

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Sónia Santos

Administrative Assistant


I finished my master's degree in civil engineering in the field of structures in 2015 and immediately started working in a bridge design office. A year later, I moved to England, where I worked for a few years as a Structural Engineer for buildings and bridges, before returning at the beginning of 2020. In Portugal I continued to work as a Structural Engineer, but felt the urge to try something new. So,the chance to work in the technical-sales department of Carmo Estruturas was perfect. It allowed me to get a broader view of the civil engineering sector in Portugal, and to learn about wood construction that, due to its qualities and characteristics, is going to become increasingly important as the years go by.

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Guilherme Domingos

Sales Technician


I'm from Viseu and I'm 29 years old. I graduated from Coimbra in Business Communication. I was in advertising in the Algarve, and a year ago I decided to start searching for a new direction. They say that success achieved over time, tastes even sweeter. That is how I see the opportunity of being part of Carmo Wood today. ""Knowledge takes up no space"" and makes us better. So, here I am, open and eager to learn, to get to know the company in detail, and to share the best we have with all our customers. What’s more, I have discovered you can get to know someone, even if you only ever seen them wearing a mask. For that I would like to thank the whole team!

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Maria Custódio

Marketing Assistant


I got my degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Escola Superior Agrária (College of Agriculture) in Santarém, and started my professional career as export manager for a cattle production company in Cuba, later returning to Golegã. Carmo Wood appeared at a time when I was looking for a new career challenge in a proven but expanding company that would also allow me to grow, and that's exactly what I found. It’s got a solid structure and a tightly-knit team. Approaching the end of my first year at Carmo Wood I can say I made the right choice and I am extremely proud to see Carmo Wood breaking records month after month. I’ll conclude by hoping for a long-lasting and successful relationship.

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Tiago Cardoso

Agricultural Sales


I consider myself to have been connected to the world of wood since I was born. After graduating in management, I started my professional career in a kitchen furniture and carpentry company, where, apart from other tasks, I also worked in the sales department. I soon realised that it was an area I really enjoyed working in, as I believe that making commercial contact with customers and ensuring their subsequent satisfaction is fundamental for building an enduring relationship with them. And I think that’s the raison d'être of any company. After working for eight years in a company also connected to wood, the possibility arose for me to come and work for Carmo Wood. I decided right away to seize this opportunity, and I hope my contribution will add value to this great team.

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Patricia Henriques


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